If you are wondering about my ethnicity, I’m Filipino. I was a young and very optimistic girl, who moved here in the USA from the Philippines, when I was 17 years old.  My beloved Philippines is a tropical country, where coconut trees are everywhere, the sound of rooster is your alarm clock, and mangoes are green, extremely sour and gigantic!

Just like any other immigrants, my family decided to move our life to America; The land of everything is possible. We couldn’t resist, but to pick Los Angeles as our next home because of its diversity and beautiful weather. Then I became an adult, went to college to study Psychology. Explored my horizon, and yes, partied a lot. I did some modeling in my youth as well. But those days are over! Now, I am a mother of three kids, a business owner (Cement Studio), and married to a very talented architect living in the big city of Los Angeles.

Meet the Family


Paul Quinn Davis aka “The Rock-Star Architect” is my loving husband and the father of my three children. He is the owner/president of the company DRDS, which is an award-winning architectural practice located in Los Angeles. They call him “rock-star” because he dresses in black/grey all the time, awesome drummer, Bono look-alike, and always ready to rock ‘n roll!

Clodagh aka “PiePie” is one delicious pie! She is too sweet for words. But, sometimes she can be a whiner too. Don’t get her angry because her tantrums can stop the world from spinning.

 Baby Jax – one golden boy. The baby of the family, who acts like a grown man and in a very much hurry to grow up. 😦

sacrlett close up.jpg

Scarlett – “the diva” of the family. She’s one true dragon, who acts like the boss of everybody. And I mean… “everybody!”


Last, but not the least, meet Quinn —“the genius kid.” Guitar, ukulele, sax, mountains, birds etc… You name it, he knows it all! Quinn is my step-son just so you know.

Photo credits: Arianne Davis