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Hey guys! Here are my anti-aging skincare products that I’ve been using currently.


Pure Perfection Eye Cream –

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Innisfree SPF 35 –…

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve -

Fresh Seaberry Face Oil –


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How I Deal with Aging Skin

We are constantly aging. There’s no way to stop it. Yes, it’s a bummer, but accepting the fact that aging is part of life will make you feel better about yourself. Embracing “old age”

helps you prepare yourself mentally. As early as your mid-twenties,  you need to start seriously begin maintaining your skin (stay out of the sun, cleanse, moisturize). “Aging gracefully” is not

always genetic and you have to act on it with a real strategy. This results in better skin that you can make you appear younger than you actually are.

And how exactly do you do that?

I am 33 years. I noticed my skin starting to age when I was only 26 years old. Slight wrinkles started  to appear on my forehead, eye area and smile line.  It was shocking! The horror of dealing

with acne and wrinkles is not fun at all.

So what did I do?

I fought back!

I want to share with you my skin-care routine that slows down the clock and enhances your skin’s overall well-being.

Eat Healthy

You are what you eat. You’ve heard this saying before and I will tell you that you need to eat healthy as often as possible. If you eat a lot of junk food, your skin will become dehydrated, irritated

more wrinkly and look bad. I know this is a hard one for a lot of people,  especially if you’ve eaten junk food your whole life. I love junk food! I love chips (my favorite is Cheetos), candies and

anything greasy (I’m obsessed with fried food). However, every-time I eat junk food my skin becomes very “zitty” and more fine lines show up on my face. So I occasionally eat bad food, but I

am working hard to eat more healthy on a  regular basis.

Exercise Regularly

Keep on moving! Go to the gym at least twice a week or walk a mile per day in the park. The more your heart pumps the more oxygen you’ll inhale in your body. Exercise can improve your

health while making you look and feel younger. Doesn’t it feel good after working-out? According to research,  exercise creates body substances that slow down the aging of the skin. I go to the

gym twice a week. In my gym there is a steam-room and dry-sauna. I highly recommend Gold’s Gym to everyone because they keep their facility very clean. I spend one hour working-out and

15 minutes in the steam-room. My skin feels soft, supple and very moist afterwards.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Drink plenty of water all day. It depends on your height and weight, in general, health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon water

per day. I have a gallon of water on my desk everyday. I do not drink it all at one time, but I sip on water constantly all through out the day. You’re not drinking enough water if you have

chapped lips and your skin is too dry. Dry skin means more wrinkles.

Avoid All of The Following:


Tanning is really bad for your skin. I am guilty of extensive tanning when I was in my early twenties. Even with SPF on, your skin will still get damaged by the Sun. However, I don’t tan as much

anymore. I only tan now for a little bit in the summer so I don’t look too pale at pool parties.  Wearing fashionable hats now at the beach is a must for me.


Stress is the ultimate enemy of your skin and your entire well-being. I got really stressed out one time and weird cysts developed under my skin. It was very scary. Fortunately, it was not cancer.

The cysts went away on its own. Moreover, acne and wrinkles show up more when I’m stressed out. Handling stress the right way can improve the appearance of your skin.

So how do I handle stress?

  • Gardening is an awesome way to fight stress. It is therapeutic and plants have a way of helping you forget life’s problems. I am serious!

  • Having turtles and a tortoise is another way I combat stress is. They are the most calm and easy-to-care for animals. I can watch my turtles swimming around all day.  I love watching my tortoise eat and bask in the sun (or his heat lamp).  Find peaceful hobbies to forget about your problems.


Negative people 

They are everywhere–online and in real-life. Surround yourself with nice, loving and wonderful human. Being a blogger/vlogger can be tough at times because I receive negative comments

from time to time. I try to understand where they are coming from but don’t let it get to me. I understand that we all have different opinions about almost everything in this world, good or bad.

We can be a little too honest and hurtful with our opinions online these days.

So what about bad elements in real-life? Remember, there will always be someone out there. Stay away and distance yourself from negative people. It is not good  for you or your family. Life

can be stress – free. It’s up to you.

Too much partying!

Drinking alcohol, smoking and staying up late at night will make you age really fast. No further explanations!

Seriously, who doesn’t wake up after a night of partying and looked 10 years older? I consume alcohol very moderately. Also, my party days are very much over, since I have kids to care for. My

family and I wake up 7:00 in the morning everyday.



Use the right skin care products

If you are not using right products for your face, your skin will age sooner rather than later. I’ve used a lot of skin-care products since I was 13 years old.  I like to change it up depending on

the climate, condition of my skin and financial status!

Lately, I’ve been using the following products in my anti-aging regimen:


24k Gold Infused Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum with Retinol by Pure Perfection


0.34-fluid ounce tube of anti-aging retinol eye cream to visibly reduce the signs of aging around the eyes, including crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness

– Gentle on Eyes – Specially formulated for use around the delicate eye area

– Anti-aging Retinol – Unique formula contains retinol, an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredient, along with an exclusive mineral blend

– Treats Eye Area – Moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles and reduce the look of puffiness in 4 weeks


Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream by Fresh


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is a universal daily moisturizer proven to provide 24 hours of significant moisture. It is formulated with a proprietary Super 7 Complex specifically designed to minimize and prevent visible signs of aging, deliver intense hydration, and boost radiance. It is further enriched with maca root extract, noted for enhancing luminosity. 1.7oz/ 50ml Fresh Women’s Lotus Face Cream A great designer gift.


Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil by Fresh


What it is: A precious blend of pure oils packed with omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 that absorb quickly to preserve a youthful appearance and provide 24-hour moisture.What it does: Omega 7 is known to enhance the skin’s healing process, 3 helps calm and soothe and omegas 6 and 9 are known to improve elasticity, softness and smoothness. It also contains seaberry oil, also known as seabuckthorn oil, a powerful antioxidant rich in all of the moisturizing omegas noted for protecting the skin from aging free radicals; cranberry seed oil, packed with vitamin E to maintain skin’s elasticity and smoothness; camellia seed oil to help maintain soft, smooth and supple skin; and grapeseed oil to help maintain healthy hydration levels. Style Name:Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil. Style Number: 653111. Available in stores.



and more anti-aging skin-care products here…



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*This post is not sponsored. I was gifted the product 24k Gold Infused Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum with Retinol by Pure Perfection, but ALL opinions are 100% my own.


Basic Touch-Up Essentials




Basic Touch-Up Essentials


While creating flawless and beautiful make-up is one thing, maintaining it to be that way all day and night is another issue to think about. For a person with combination of oily and dry skin, I deal with 2 problems; face will turn shiny after few hours or makeup will crease due to dryness. So what’s a girl to do to solve this massive problem? Aha! Yes, I always bring my “touch-up makeup” with me inside my purse. By the way how adorable is this red purse?

You can get this at


What Makeup to Bring


You do not have to bring your entire makeup case to keep your face looking fresh all day and night. Adding more makeup will make your face seem “caky.” I use the Invisimatte Blotting Powder Universal by Fenty Beauty. This has been my go-to product to keep my t-zone shine free. It’s also good for fixing the crease on my skin. You can use the applicator it comes with, however, I prefer using my Japonesque Fluff Concealer Brush. This is one of my brushes that I can’t live without. It’s the perfect size for my under-eye area and small enough to fit my purse.


Next on my list is the RMS cream foundation (shade 33) I have blogged about this foundation since day one. I can’t stress enough how great this product is; It’s organic, insanely small packaging and it has great coverage. Sometimes touching your face or any incident which wipes off your makeup can happen. Having a small foundation on hand will be very helpful.


Lastly, do not forget to bring lipstick or lip-gloss. I have lipsticks in my car and in all my purses because the key to looking fresh is having your lip-color “on-point” at ALL times.



xoxo, Arianne 🙂

Claudia Elaine Bubble Mask Demo and Review

Today is all about skin. Paul and I created the video below demonstrating how to use the Rose Essential Bubble Mask by Claudia Elaine. The enormous amount of fun we had creating this video for you is unforgettable.

I apply facial skin care mask once-a-week after doing white-head and acne extractions. There are tons of different face mask in the market. Hence, it’s really good to own variety of masks because they all have ingredients that your skin would benefit from.


Product Description:


The Rose Essential Bubble Mask by Claudia Elaine has micro-carbonated bubbles that will tighten your pores while exfoliating dead skin cells of your face. Also, the fizzling bubbles of this mask will cleanse, hydrate and control oil of your skin leaving it firmer and radiant. The secret ingredients of this product are first is Rose Water. Rose Water is good for hydrating your face and giving it moisture all day. Next ingredient is carbonated water. Carbonated water improves the firmness and the tightness of your skin balancing the natural skin’s pH. The third ingredient is the anti-aging benefits of Lotus flower extract. Moreover this extract got antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins that are very beneficial to your skin.


When I first met my husband Paul Davis ten years ago, he did not moisturize, exfoliate nor use facial mask. I couldn’t believe he lived his life (before meeting me) without moisturizing! I was in complete shock. His skin shows damages such as skin discoloration, wrinkles and more. Now, I make sure he moisturizes, exfoliate and use face mask.




Paul’s Honest Opinion About Rose Essential Bubble Mask

He gives this mask 5 score out of 5. The fun factor was a plus for him. Although the bubbles seem to be appearing all over his face including on his mouth and eyes, he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. His skin appeared softer and smoother after only one use. Lastly, he mentioned he will definitely buy again!


My Honest Opinion About Rose Essential Bubble Mask

I give this product 4 out of 5. I love the feeling of bubbles foaming on my skin. The smell of rose-water was so invigorating. My skin felt softer, well hydrated and ultra clean. However the price is a bit too high for me. This product retails for $40/5 sheet mask. I wish it’s more affordable.


Overall Paul and I were very amused by this product. We love taking care of our skin. I will try-out other masks for you and will let you know what I think about them.


Let me know, if you have any questions.


You can buy this bubble mask at…




xoxo, Arianne 🙂

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Prep with Me! Sunless Tanner, Dry Brushing etc…


Hi luvs!! I recorded this to share to you my routine before a special event. I hope you like it. Let me know what are your routines to prepare yourself for an event coming up.


Love you all so much!!!


Products list:

Minimul Dry Brush –

Tan Physics –

Charlotte Tilbury Godess Clay Mask –

Fresh Rose Toner –



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Organic Skincare Products for Babies


My babies are so precious to me. There are no words to describe how much I love them. Their skin is very delicate, which is why I want to nurture it the best way I could. Most baby skin care products in the market have harsh and toxic ingredients. These toxins are harmful to your baby’s sensitive skin and immune system.

I stumbled upon the blog, while doing my research about baby skin care.  I found the following statement so alarming;

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), “infants up to age 2 are, on average, 10 times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults, and from age 2 to 15 they are 3 times more vulnerable to carcinogens than adults. Before the age of 2 babies have accumulated 50% of their life-time cancer risk.”​

No wonder I hear stories about kids having cancer at a very early age. We live in a very toxic world. It is up to us, parents, to protect our young ones as much as possible.


why use organic products?

Baby’s skin is not the same as adult skin. Our skin’s protective barrier is fully developed, while our baby’s are not. Baby’s skin is thinner than adults, which makes it weaker and more sensitive. That means that if you use products with added perfumes or fragrances and harsh chemicals, it will be absorbed into the baby’s bloodstream very quickly. Moreover, their skin will become irritated.


what ingredients to avoid?

 Avoid ingredients such as mineral oil, nitrosamines, formaldehyde, parabens, talc, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, 1,4-dioxane and fragrance. These ingredients, present in most over-the-counter products, are harmful to your baby. 

Instead look for organic, chemical free, no sulfates, gluten-free, vegan, raw, gmo free, biodegradable and formulated food grade ingredients. This research leads me to recommend baby skin care products by Nature’s Paradise.


main ingredients of Nature’s Paradise baby organic products

Nature’s Paradise is all natural. It is a family owned company, manufactured here in Huntington Beach California. I am a big supporter of family owned and local businesses here in the US. Their products are vegan, non toxic, chemical free, cruelty free, 100% vegan and gluten-free with NO parabens, phthalates, propylene, glycol, petroleum and gmo’s.

The ingredients present in Nature’s Paradise products are raw organic virgin coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, organic arrowroot powder, organic raw shea butter, xanthan gum, organic clarified lemon juice, organic argan oil, unrefined sesame oil, unrefined avocado oil, unrefined olive oil and unrefined safflower oil.


Nature’s Paradise products are good for moms, dads and bigger kids. Overall, I am very happy that I found a brand dedicated to take care of the entire family’s well-being.


You can buy Nature’s Paradise Baby Organic products here —->!product/prd1/1417859921/baby-organic–complete-(6-item)-skin-care-gift-set



*in collaboration with Nature’s Paradise




How to Lighten Your Under-Eyes

Lately, I have felt fatigued and worn out. My kids have kept me up all night. It must have been the cold season, which made us sick. As a result, my skin became dry during winter, especially around the eye area looking haggard and darken. Now that it is Spring, allergy season is on its way.

     Just like your face needs some extra care by using facial mask regularly. Your under eyes need some mask as well. Maintaining your youthful look is a hard task, but it pays off when you see yourself looking brighter, young  and fresh.

how to lighten undereye eye mask 3

I discovered this product called Veeko Eye Mask, which is from Hong Kong. Inside the box are ten pieces of eye masks. If you use two pieces in one week, this should last you more than a month supply. It is rather  affordable compare to other brands, which is a plus.

When  I use this mask it feels very cooling and relaxing. The hydrogel film clings to your eyes pretty good, so you can go do things while wearing it.  The active ingredients that make this product works are;

  • HYDROGEL FILM – A high polymer gel by aqueous dispersion medium, which is soft and absorbent, can keep the shape and be used for drug carrier. It has 80 percent water which 3 times more than traditional eye mask. It will become macromolecule and permeate the skin slowly to nourish the skin when it contacts skin.
  • HYALURONATE ACID- Known for its profound hydration function.Hyaluronic Acid improves blood circulation to keep the skin smooth. It can make the skin more hydrated and dilute dark circles obviously.
  • GLYCINE BETAINE – It can clear the skin effectively and not harmful for the skin. It is very important for the formation of protein, DNA repair and the activity of enzyme. It has the remarkable osmotic regulation, stability, high solubility in water and moisture.
  • VITAMIN H – It is beneficial to health and regeneration of skin cells. It can improve blood circulation to keep the skin smooth and fair.

Overall, this product works well for me. I would not say that it worked magic with brightening my under eye because there’s no product out there that does that. Having a realistic expectation is a must! However, it made my under eye appear brighter and well moisturized.  I will still use under eye concealer on a daily basis. So,  if you suffer from severe dark under eyes, this product will definitely help but not solve the entire problem. You can always use under eye concealer such as RMS uncover to cover the problem areas.

I definitely recommend this product to add to your skin care routine. It’s affordable, easy to use and very soothing to your eyes.

You can buy this product at



xoxo, Arianne

*in collaboration with Veeko


*this post is NOT sponsored. I was gifted this product. But ALL opinions are 100% my own.

Volcanic Ash Skin Detox

Here’s my skin care first impressions of the Jeju Volcanic Ash Facial Mask and Cleansing Pore Bar.

Jeju Volcanic Ash Facial Mask

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*this video is NOT sponsored. I was gifted these products, but All opinions are 100% my own.

the best face oil for oily/combination skin

    It is problematic having oily skin. Acne pops up, when oil mixes with dead skin cells and other debris from dust or make-up to block pores and causes bacteria to grow. In other words, poor hygiene is the enemy, not oily skin. Oil keeps our skin younger and reduces the sign of aging.

     I’ve always had oily and sensitive skin and wished that skin-care classes were available during my high-school years. Unfortunately, I learned to care for my skin the hard way — suffered from moderate to severe acne, which left unpleasant scars to my face. When I reached puberty and hormonal changes started kicking in, lots of pimples burst out of my skin. How would an innocent teenager know the basics of skin care? Hence, covering up traces of zits with make-up made everything far worst and created more damaged to my skin. Although, there are countless skin care products out there, but never worked or some, even made my skin worst.

How to keep your skin acne-free?

  1. Wash skin twice a day. Morning and night.
  2. Let your skin breathe. Try not to wear make-up every day.  Pores clogged by makeup is one of the reasons acne and white/blackheads show up. If you do, however, choose natural products for less irritation.
  3. Know the right skin-care products such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer and face oil to use for your specific skin type.

Why use face oil?

    According to research, “Plant oils are rich source of antioxidants and replenishing emollients but they’re not good sources of skin-restoring ingredients. Facial oils are helpful for keeping skin’s vital hydration locked in and they have incredible, instantaneous skin-smoothing properties. But as wonderful as facial oils are, they don’t replace many other essential ingredients for skin. Think of plant oil or a blend of plant oils as a booster to supplement your skin care routine.” In other words, face oil is more of an added support layer to your skin rather than the main leading part for your entire skin care regime. You can also look at moisturizer equals to ‘food’ and face oil equals to ‘vitamins’.

      Face oil has saved my skin from aging faster than usual. I apply oil all over my face and neck day and night after moisturizer. Once you turned 26 years old, wrinkles will start appearing whether you like it or not. And so, keeping your skin well hydrated using ‘face oil’ will keep your skin looking well restored and younger.


The Best Face Oil for Oily/Combination Skin Type

Noni Glow Face Oil description;

     “Noni Glow face oil is made with organic noni extract, rose-hip oil, pomegranate oil and seabuckthorn oil, which combine to create a rich source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The formula is designed to absorb quickly into dehydrated skin to smooth, nourish, and brighten while providing a natural glow. Skin feels softer, smoother, well-hydrated, and plumper, and the visible effects of sun damage and scarring appear diminished. The oil also assists in boosting natural radiance and creating a more even tone.”

       One of my biggest idols is Miranda Kerr. She is a supermodel, a business woman, a mother and she’s over the age of 30 years old. Her skin is marvelous! I have seen her up-close in person and she is a real beauty. I’m sure she goes to do her beauty treatment regularly, but she’s always been open how she preserves her youthful look. Miranda released her own organic skin care line called Kora Organics, which I’m all about.  Kora Organics only sell natural organic products. I have tried most of them and they work fantastic on my skin. This Noni Glow oil sure is miracle oil. It’s perfect for sensitive skin while keeping your skin well moisturized and hydrated. This cost $65, which is more costly than other face oil in the market. You can buy this face oil at Sephora or here. However, there is an alternative face oil you can use that cost less than the Noni Glow Face Oil which is the Seaberry Moisturizing face oil by Fresh.


Fresh Seaberry Face oil description;

Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil is a precious blend of pure oils—seaberry, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grapeseed, and sweet almond—packed with nourishing omega to keep a youthful appearance. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly for a boost of vital moisture. Seaberry oil, also known as seabuckthorn oil, is a powerful antioxidant rich in moisturizing omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, noted for protecting the skin from aging free radicals.* Cranberry seed oil, which is packed with omegas 3, 6, and 9 and vitamin E, maintains the skin’s elasticity and smoothness, and camellia seed oil, rich in omegas 6 and 9, helps to retain moisture.”

       Seaberry Face Oil is amazing for your skin. Place 2 to 3 drops on your palm and rub them together, then pat all over face. I also like to put some on my under eye area to slow down the appearance of wrinkles. I have used this product for years. Amazingly, this 50 ml. bottle will last for 6 months or more, depending how much you use it. The retail cost of this bottle is $52 without tax. You can buy this product at Sephora, Amazon or in store.

      If budget is an issue, you can also create your own anti-aging serum at home with this recipe. However, this recipe is only for dry skin. To learn more about DIY face cream go to The Nerdy Farm Wife for more recipes. Currently, I am still developing the perfect serum for oily or sensitive skin.

Which face oil is better than the other?

     If I were to pick between the Seaberry Moisturizing Oil by Fresh and the Noni Glow Face Oil by Kora Organics, I would pick the Noni Glow face oil. I find that Rosehip Oil is a remarkable ingredient that works really well with my acne prone skin. The Seaberry Face Oil work incredible too, but not as good as the Noni Glow face oil. The moment you use Noni Glow face oil on your face, you’ll feel the difference how better-quality your skin has become.

     I hope this article helped you with your “face oil” research. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Again, I’m here to help!




xoxo, Arianne