Holiday Makeup Tutorial Wearing Te Mana Lipsticks by Morinda


Merry Christmas all! Here is my Holiday Makeup Tutorial wearing Te Mana Lips by Morinda.


Products list:

Balm Cosmetics Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette –

Manizer Sisters –

Te Mana Lipstick – Peach Passion –…

Te Mana Lipstick Sunset Rose –…

Te Mana Lipstick – Volcano Red –…

Te Mana Lipstick – Mahana Mauve –…


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How I Deal with Aging Skin Part 2



Hey guys! Here are my anti-aging skincare products that I’ve been using currently.


Pure Perfection Eye Cream –

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Innisfree SPF 35 –…

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve -

Fresh Seaberry Face Oil –


Blog post – How I deal with aging skin Part 1 –…



Happy Holidays all! xoxo Arianne




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How to Grow Wheat-grass Indoors


Growing wheat-grass is SOOOO easy and simple. All you need is soil, organic wheat grass seeds, water and sunlight. I grow wheatgrass for my tortoise Roger Davis. He loves it. He also eats hay, nasturtium etc.. I harvest my wheat-grass right before the grass turns yellow. This is called second cut. This is more nutritious for tortoises.


Wheat-grass is also good for juicing. One shot a day would be amazing for your health. Make sure to harvest it when it’s green not yellow. I use top soil with no fertilizer or any bad chemicals that can be harmful for my tortoise. Pick organic and non-gmo seeds.


Watch video below to see step by step instructions on how to grow wheat-grass indoors.  Enjoy!



Is Roger too cute or what? Comment below if you want to see more videos of him. Lastly, If you have any questions, please let me know.

Products list:

Organic Wheatgrass Seeds –

Top Soil –

Spray Bottle –

Water Mister –






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Claudia Elaine Bubble Mask Demo and Review

Today is all about skin. Paul and I created the video below demonstrating how to use the Rose Essential Bubble Mask by Claudia Elaine. The enormous amount of fun we had creating this video for you is unforgettable.

I apply facial skin care mask once-a-week after doing white-head and acne extractions. There are tons of different face mask in the market. Hence, it’s really good to own variety of masks because they all have ingredients that your skin would benefit from.


Product Description:


The Rose Essential Bubble Mask by Claudia Elaine has micro-carbonated bubbles that will tighten your pores while exfoliating dead skin cells of your face. Also, the fizzling bubbles of this mask will cleanse, hydrate and control oil of your skin leaving it firmer and radiant. The secret ingredients of this product are first is Rose Water. Rose Water is good for hydrating your face and giving it moisture all day. Next ingredient is carbonated water. Carbonated water improves the firmness and the tightness of your skin balancing the natural skin’s pH. The third ingredient is the anti-aging benefits of Lotus flower extract. Moreover this extract got antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins that are very beneficial to your skin.


When I first met my husband Paul Davis ten years ago, he did not moisturize, exfoliate nor use facial mask. I couldn’t believe he lived his life (before meeting me) without moisturizing! I was in complete shock. His skin shows damages such as skin discoloration, wrinkles and more. Now, I make sure he moisturizes, exfoliate and use face mask.




Paul’s Honest Opinion About Rose Essential Bubble Mask

He gives this mask 5 score out of 5. The fun factor was a plus for him. Although the bubbles seem to be appearing all over his face including on his mouth and eyes, he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. His skin appeared softer and smoother after only one use. Lastly, he mentioned he will definitely buy again!


My Honest Opinion About Rose Essential Bubble Mask

I give this product 4 out of 5. I love the feeling of bubbles foaming on my skin. The smell of rose-water was so invigorating. My skin felt softer, well hydrated and ultra clean. However the price is a bit too high for me. This product retails for $40/5 sheet mask. I wish it’s more affordable.


Overall Paul and I were very amused by this product. We love taking care of our skin. I will try-out other masks for you and will let you know what I think about them.


Let me know, if you have any questions.


You can buy this bubble mask at…




xoxo, Arianne 🙂

*in collaboration with Claudia Elaine





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Picqued’s White Bright Teeth Whitening Kit Review and Demo


This is a review/demo of the product Picqued’s White Bright whitening kit.

Shop this product at –

For a limited time you can get this kit with 10% discount using my coupon code:





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What to + How to Pack Makeup for Travel


Use an easy to carry makeup-bag with lots of pockets. The translucent bag works best so you can see inside the bag. I like this bag because it has six external pockets. You can pack plenty of makeup in this bag!

Pack makeup products that are smaller in size and travel-friendly. You want to stay away from glass bottle containers which can break easily. My favorite brands for foundation are RMS and Lilah B. They are very compact, multipurpose, tiny packaging and made of plastic or porcelain.

Plan around what outfits you’re going to wear. Simply look at the colors of all outfits you will be wearing for the trip and decide what eyeshadow colors and lipsticks would match those. This will help minimize the clutter of makeup in your bag.

Always bring baby wipes. Baby wipes are more gentle than adult facial wipes. Perfect for removing makeup and wiping the excess pigment of your makeup brushes.

Use extra clothes as a cushion for your makeup. The last thing you want is your precious and expensive makeup to be all damaged. Use t-shirts or extra towels to protect your makeup from getting damaged while traveling.

Kemier Travel Bag –

*in collaboration with Kemier

xoxo, Arianne



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LED Teeth Whitener by Primal Life Organics Review and Demo

Hi Guys!

Today I’m going to review and demonstrate how to use the LED Teeth Whitener by Primal Life Organics.…

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How to make lashes and brows look thicker and full

Step 1 

Use lashes serum every night to replenish and boost the growth of your lashes and brows. Applying mascara, fake lashes and using eye lash curlers to your lashes can be damaging and make your lashes fall out and look thinner.

I remember when I was younger that my lashes and brows used to be so much thicker and more full. After over-plucking my brows and using mascara and eyelash curlers on my lashes, it started thinning out. I rarely use fake lashes now to avoid further damage to my actual lashes.

Step 2

Apply “Brow Powder” to brows first. You can look at any eyeshadow palette you have and look for the dark brown or taupe shade. Follow the shape of your brows when applying the brow powder to your brows. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you will brush of the excess powder anyway.

Step 3

Use “Brow Liner” to fill out the sparse area of brows. Again, this application doesn’t have to be perfect since you will brush off the excess liner anyway.

Use “Brow Liner” again to create “hair-stroke like” hairs on the your brows. Do this with a very light hand.

Step 4

Use an “Eye Liner” and apply to your lash line gently. Doing this will make your eye pop out more making them look bigger. This will also make you lashes look fuller and thicker. I like using brown/black eye liner because they look more realistic than the blackest black color.

Step 5

Use “Mascara” to your lashes doing. This mascara by two faced is my favorite because it’s water proof and super easy to apply.

xoxo, Arianne

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My Funny Valentine | The City Wife

Here’s my Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial.

Products list:

Too Faced – Boss Lady Beauty Agenda –

Too Faced – Just Peachy Mattes –

RMS – lip to cheek – demure –

Too Faced – Makeup Me Happy lipstick –

Ulta – Matte Lip Cream

Charlotte Tilbury – Lip cheat pillow talk –

Smith lip brush 304

Sigma brush – E40 –

Chanel – ombre premier lilas 808 eyeshadow –

Nars concealer -

Beauty blender blotting sponge -

Fresh – Rose mist –

Chanel – Soleil tan de chanel –

Too Faced – chocolate soleil -

Smith Bronzer brush – 112

Cover Fx custom enhancer drops – moonlight

You can also shop this look at :


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Monster High’s Zomby Gaga – Glam Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Products used:

lip palette vol. 1 ABH –

morphe 350 s palette –

morphe 35p palette –

funworld all in one zombie kit –

zombie gray cream makeup –

pink wig –

laura mercier translucent powder –

zoeva brushes –

sigma concealer brush –


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