Cozy Sweaters Under $100


Today is a new day and a new year. This year brings us the feeling of a new beginning; to start fresh, create new ideas and make new goals.


I like to spend the remaining few days of my kid’s Winter-break drinking coffee while wearing my cozy sweater. This is the time for me to gather new thoughts while spending time with them.

Lately, I have been feeling the need of “purpose in life.” I want to do something more in my life. My three kids will be all in school this year, which means I will have freedom at-last! LOL

I will be going back to school to study nursing this year. I’m extremely excited because both of my sister and mother are RN’s. It’s a wonderful and rewarding job!


Anyway, I love wearing a sweater because it’s so comforting great in keeping me warm all day. What is your “go-to” all day cozy outfit?


Below are my top picks of cozy sweaters under $100;



         DETAILS | Sporty Chennile Pullover | Cardigan Duster | Varsity Type Sweater | Knitt Pullover | Cable Knit Sweater




and here are more sweaters on-sale;


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xoxo, Arianne 🙂







































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