How to Grow Wheat-grass Indoors


Growing wheat-grass is SOOOO easy and simple. All you need is soil, organic wheat grass seeds, water and sunlight. I grow wheatgrass for my tortoise Roger Davis. He loves it. He also eats hay, nasturtium etc.. I harvest my wheat-grass right before the grass turns yellow. This is called second cut. This is more nutritious for tortoises.


Wheat-grass is also good for juicing. One shot a day would be amazing for your health. Make sure to harvest it when it’s green not yellow. I use top soil with no fertilizer or any bad chemicals that can be harmful for my tortoise. Pick organic and non-gmo seeds.


Watch video below to see step by step instructions on how to grow wheat-grass indoors.  Enjoy!



Is Roger too cute or what? Comment below if you want to see more videos of him. Lastly, If you have any questions, please let me know.

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