What to + How to Pack Makeup for Travel


Use an easy to carry makeup-bag with lots of pockets. The translucent bag works best so you can see inside the bag. I like this bag because it has six external pockets. You can pack plenty of makeup in this bag!

Pack makeup products that are smaller in size and travel-friendly. You want to stay away from glass bottle containers which can break easily. My favorite brands for foundation are RMS and Lilah B. They are very compact, multipurpose, tiny packaging and made of plastic or porcelain.

Plan around what outfits you’re going to wear. Simply look at the colors of all outfits you will be wearing for the trip and decide what eyeshadow colors and lipsticks would match those. This will help minimize the clutter of makeup in your bag.

Always bring baby wipes. Baby wipes are more gentle than adult facial wipes. Perfect for removing makeup and wiping the excess pigment of your makeup brushes.

Use extra clothes as a cushion for your makeup. The last thing you want is your precious and expensive makeup to be all damaged. Use t-shirts or extra towels to protect your makeup from getting damaged while traveling.

Kemier Travel Bag – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073VK1T8M

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