Something Special for Mom



Nickname: “Positive Vibes Only”

Mother’s Day is about honoring your mother. Let her feel how much you love her and how special she is to you. This Rose Quartz stone is the perfect gift for moms because this stone is about universal love; self-love, friendship love, romantic love and family love. This stone is also about positivity and letting go of all negative emotions.


I have experienced everything as a mother. I’ve felt overjoyed, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and depressed from time to time. Being a mother  made me appreciate and realize the struggle my mother went through raising my sisters and I. Being a mother is hard. You have to be strong, patient, smart, and hard-working to survive motherhood. We are talking about raising little human beings, who do not know what is right or wrong.


This Mother’s Day, let mom release tension of stress from life by replacing it with the positive energy of rose quartz.


*in collaboration with Radar Jewelry


xoxo, Arianne



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