How to make lashes and brows look thicker and full

Step 1 

Use lashes serum every night to replenish and boost the growth of your lashes and brows. Applying mascara, fake lashes and using eye lash curlers to your lashes can be damaging and make your lashes fall out and look thinner.

I remember when I was younger that my lashes and brows used to be so much thicker and more full. After over-plucking my brows and using mascara and eyelash curlers on my lashes, it started thinning out. I rarely use fake lashes now to avoid further damage to my actual lashes.

Step 2

Apply “Brow Powder” to brows first. You can look at any eyeshadow palette you have and look for the dark brown or taupe shade. Follow the shape of your brows when applying the brow powder to your brows. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you will brush of the excess powder anyway.

Step 3

Use “Brow Liner” to fill out the sparse area of brows. Again, this application doesn’t have to be perfect since you will brush off the excess liner anyway.

Use “Brow Liner” again to create “hair-stroke like” hairs on the your brows. Do this with a very light hand.

Step 4

Use an “Eye Liner” and apply to your lash line gently. Doing this will make your eye pop out more making them look bigger. This will also make you lashes look fuller and thicker. I like using brown/black eye liner because they look more realistic than the blackest black color.

Step 5

Use “Mascara” to your lashes doing. This mascara by two faced is my favorite because it’s water proof and super easy to apply.

xoxo, Arianne

*in collaboration with Lalash Serum and Shop Hush App


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