My Favorite Affordable Makeup Palettes


       Make-up can break the bank very easily, if you have the taste for high-end makeup like myself. It cost $35 for one Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, unlike drug store brand that cost $8 or less.

       Why are high-end brands more ridiculously expensive? Is it because the formula of their products has better quality and long-lasting? Buying high-end makeup means that you are paying for the famous brand name. They are luxurious, better packaging and makes you feel better owning something fancy. Am I right? I will forever love high-end products, but lately I discovered some insanely inexpensive makeup palettes that work as good or even better than the famous make up brands.

2 pieces Miskos 12 Color Naked Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

miskos makeup picture          This Miskos eyeshadow palette is incredible. This is not a drug store brand, but you can purchase this online at a very affordable price. It is very pigmented, buttery and long-lasting. This palette is a good dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette. You can create soft, day-time or night-time look with this palette. The packaging is made out of card board, very light weight and definitely nothing fancy. However, the reason this palette is very inexpensive is because the company, who made this didn’t spend much money on packaging. I do not mind it at all because I only care about the quality of the product.

BH Cosmetics Blush Palette

bh cosmetics blush

    This blush palette is a must have. It has bronzer, different colors of blush and it is very inexpensive. When I grab a blush palette, seeing there are different option for me makes me feel more creative. You can mix match these colors creating a complete different hue for the look you’re trying to achieve.

Bad Habit Paradise Highlight Palette

paradise highlighter

This Bad Habit Beauty Highlight is miraculously good. When you wear this, it is so blinding. I was amaze how inexpensive this is. The brand Bad Habit Beauty is very new, but they are already catching the attention of the beauty community. Make sure to use good brushes when applying this highlight on your pretty face. Too much highlight can be a disaster and can’t be undone.

l’Oreal La Palette Lipstick

la palette lip

Lastly, is the l’oreal La Palette Lipstick which is a really good purchase. This is a drug store brand. The formula of this palette is very creamy, glossy and highly pigmented. The lip brush that comes with it works great too. Again, nothing is better than owning palettes that has different colors inside. This gives you wiggle room for doing different type of looks.

Ultimately, drug store brands or inexpensive online brands are worth trying. When you find products that are amazing and affordable, it’s like hitting the jackpot! Below is a makeup video tutorial of all the products mentioned above.

xoxo, Arianne

 *this post is NOT sponsored. I was gifted palettes Miskos and Bad Habit, but All opinions are 100% my own.


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