How to Lighten Your Under-Eyes

Lately, I have felt fatigued and worn out. My kids have kept me up all night. It must have been the cold season, which made us sick. As a result, my skin became dry during winter, especially around the eye area looking haggard and darken. Now that it is Spring, allergy season is on its way.

     Just like your face needs some extra care by using facial mask regularly. Your under eyes need some mask as well. Maintaining your youthful look is a hard task, but it pays off when you see yourself looking brighter, young  and fresh.

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I discovered this product called Veeko Eye Mask, which is from Hong Kong. Inside the box are ten pieces of eye masks. If you use two pieces in one week, this should last you more than a month supply. It is rather  affordable compare to other brands, which is a plus.

When  I use this mask it feels very cooling and relaxing. The hydrogel film clings to your eyes pretty good, so you can go do things while wearing it.  The active ingredients that make this product works are;

  • HYDROGEL FILM – A high polymer gel by aqueous dispersion medium, which is soft and absorbent, can keep the shape and be used for drug carrier. It has 80 percent water which 3 times more than traditional eye mask. It will become macromolecule and permeate the skin slowly to nourish the skin when it contacts skin.
  • HYALURONATE ACID- Known for its profound hydration function.Hyaluronic Acid improves blood circulation to keep the skin smooth. It can make the skin more hydrated and dilute dark circles obviously.
  • GLYCINE BETAINE – It can clear the skin effectively and not harmful for the skin. It is very important for the formation of protein, DNA repair and the activity of enzyme. It has the remarkable osmotic regulation, stability, high solubility in water and moisture.
  • VITAMIN H – It is beneficial to health and regeneration of skin cells. It can improve blood circulation to keep the skin smooth and fair.

Overall, this product works well for me. I would not say that it worked magic with brightening my under eye because there’s no product out there that does that. Having a realistic expectation is a must! However, it made my under eye appear brighter and well moisturized.  I will still use under eye concealer on a daily basis. So,  if you suffer from severe dark under eyes, this product will definitely help but not solve the entire problem. You can always use under eye concealer such as RMS uncover to cover the problem areas.

I definitely recommend this product to add to your skin care routine. It’s affordable, easy to use and very soothing to your eyes.

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xoxo, Arianne

*in collaboration with Veeko


*this post is NOT sponsored. I was gifted this product. But ALL opinions are 100% my own.


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