Affordable Face Oil for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

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      If you have been following my blog, then you would know my obsession with face oil. I absolutely can’t live without it. I use it for my hair, nails and skin. Face oil is also great for removing makeup without tugging the delicate skin around your eyes. However, some brands can be very strong, so it would be best to choose wisely. Picking up the wrong oil can create breakouts and damage your face.

I have stumbled upon this brand Morgan Miller Hydro-Botanical Concentrate Facial Oil, which is very affordable compare to other brands that are over $50.  You only need two to three drops of oil — massage onto the skin including your neck. Use this day and night to keep skin moisturized. This 1 oz. bottle will last you about 6 months or longer.

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One of the “key-ingredients” this face oil possesses is lavender oil — famous for its antioxidant, easing stress and tension of your skin.

Next is grapefruit oil, purifies and clears your skin. The pollution in our environment is impossible to stay away from. So keeping skin clean and purified from pollutants is a must.

Lastly is the jojoba oil, famous for its antibacterial properties which help control bacterial growth in the hair follicle. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent that calms and soothe irritated skin.


    If you avoid face oil because you have oily skin, join the club! Many women are scared of applying oil on their skin. Yes, I used to “hands-down” avoid it too. But it’s surprising that products that most of us are already using contain oil.

I think it’s worth trying different type of oil to learn which works best for your skin type.  The benefits I’ve experienced are absolutely worth it after I’ve added face oil to my skin care routine.


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This product can be purchased at Amazon, NEX, Riley Rose and Forever 21.


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