Humidifiers – My Top 3 Picks for the Cold Season

    It has been a brutal winter for all of us. Everyone has the flu or cold and it’s pretty alarming. Moreover, my kids are sick every week. It’s unfortunate we can’t prevent catching viruses from one another. However, we can recover from common cold and flu faster than the usual by eating healthy and having a humidifier around. Humidifier adds moisture to the air, which helps with congestion and cough. I have had my share of buying different humidifiers that do not work at all. Below are my top picks that worked for me.


URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

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· Urpower New Version: The Urpower Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is an upgraded version. The 2nd generation produces more mist than old version. An ideal way to add moist, comfortable air to small bedrooms, hotel rooms, tabletops and even workplace cubicles

· Ultrasonic aroma essential oil diffuse is safe and does not harm the essential oil of any ingredients

· Fight back against dry air. This stylish cool mist humidifier adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness and help with your dry chapped skin, chapped lips and dry sinuses. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to give your room a fresh, clean scent

· Features include 7 color changing lamps for your choice, nightlight, programmable on/off cycles and auto shut-off. Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device.

· Content: 100 ml, Material: PP Hard plastic, working time: up to 6 hours, adjustable two mist settings: continuously and intermittently, whisper – quiet operation won’t interfere with your sleep

The Urpower humidifier is my third choice due to its simplicity and durability. This is as tall as my iPhone and can be placed anywhere in the house and office. You do not need a manual to know how to operate this humidifier. It’s as easy as adding water and pressing a button.



I love how small and light-weight this product. It doesn’t create water leakage on my table top and very low maintenance. Also, it doesn’t break easily like other humidifiers. Lastly, it’s quite affordable, which is nice.


You have to add water every few hours. The humidity it adds to the room is very little. This product is best for small rooms only. I use this product as an oil diffuser more than a humidifier.


Asom Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Aroma Oil Diffuser

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Premium Humidifier – moisturizes the air for up to 14 hours of continuous operation, Built-in 7 color LED night-light, (Yellow, orange, Red, Purple, Indigo, Blue, Green).

Diffuser – Humidifier for Home, Office, Bedroom, Spa and more.

Automatic shut-off turns humidifier off when water level is low or the water tank is removed.

Longer mist stream provides perfect coverage and leaves no condensation on the floor. Suitable for medium-sized to large rooms.

360-degree mist nozzle and Easily adjust the Vapor flow with the control knob

The Asom Humidifier is a bigger size than the Urpower Humidifier. It blows a lot more cool mist — Perfect  inside the bedroom or any type of room. You can choose how much mist it blows, which is from low to high. The price of this product is in the mid-range.

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It possesses high power of blowing cool mist while staying quiet. It would last all night blowing mist. You can turn the knob whichever way you want to direct the mist to. It shuts off automatically when water is gone.


This product is a little complicated. If you don’t clean and dry off the bottom part every time you use it, it will stop functioning easily. It’s a high maintenance humidifier.


Levoit Humidifiers, 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier with Remote and Humidity Monitor

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  • ULTRASONIC WARM & COOL MIST: Features warm or cool mist at three different levels; Increase humidity levels 25% quicker than devices using only cool mist
  • TELL YOU THE ACTUAL HUMIDITY AROUND: Always reads the exact value of humidity level so that you can set a suitable and comfortable humidity level based on the surrounding environment
  • TOUCH CONTROL & REMOTE CONTROL: Sensitive touch control panel is easy to operate and the included remote also controls any settings for convenience.
  • HUGE CAPACITY: Large 6L capacity allows for 20 to 36 hours of continuous use; covers up to 280 ft² (20~30m²) in your bedroom, living room, or office
  • WHISPER-QUIET: Ultrasonic air diffusion produces less than 36 dB for a quiet humidification that you even cannot hear it is on
  • SMART AUTO MODE: Designed with Auto mode will automatically diffuse mist to adjust the humidity to the most suitable level
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Special leak proof design is different from other leaking problem humidifiers among the market. CE&ETL certified. 2-year warranty and lifetime support from Levoit

I am definitely loving the Levoit Humidifier! This is my favorite so far. It’s huge, quiet, automatically diffuses mist to the suitable level and its got warm mist as well. I even use this as a steamer for my face when I do facial at home.


The Levoit Humidifier water tank is big enough to provide all day and night mist for a large room. I don’t have to keep adding water in it, which is convenient. The Auto Mode lets me find out the percentage of humidity in the room. Lastly, you can purchase the insurance in case it breaks and it will be replaced with a brand new one right away. How cool is that?


This humidifier is expensive. I wish it’s less than $50. Sometimes I get lazy filling up the tank because it’s so big compare to the small containers that are easy to fill up. You will need to read the manual to understand how this product works. Maintenance is a must. You have to really clean it or else it will build minerals and bacteria, which you don’t want that.


Overall, these three humidifiers work great for adding moisture to the air. You will need small or big humidifier depending on how small or big your place is. I have a huge living room space and small bedrooms. I like to add humidity to my room all day and all night. I feel like it cleans the air and helps ease my nasal congestion. My baby boy sleeps through the night more when the humidifier is on. Dry air is never good for you — it gives you dry throat, chapped lips and dry skin.

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xoxo, Arianne 


Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored. Links provided in this page are affiliated, but my opinion are 100% my own. I purchased all these products. They are not gifted to me.

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  1. Urpower works well with small rooms and once in a while use. It’s not a good one for everyday use in my experience . Great post! Very helpful!!
    Diffusing oils will help keep your family healthy! I highly recommend ❤️