Fall Date Night Look

pic1pic3pic5pic4pic7pic6.jpg                      DETAILS | REBECCA MINKOFF PURSE | CAMO WAIST DROP DRESS

paul1                      My very fashionable husband!pic9pic8                      DETAILS | BLACK BLAZER |BRUCE LEE T-SHIRT |PAVEMENT                 JEANS| BLACK SUNGLASSES |

I almost forgot that one of my fashion idols is my husband Paul Davis. When we first met, which was 9 years ago, I noticed right away how cool his style was. He likes to wear mostly black or grey outfits. His favorite brand is G -Star Raw. Moreover, the coolest part is he wears sunglasses all the time kinda like Bono (U2 singer). He’s got a total rock star look without trying too hard.

Last night was our date night, so we decided to dress up. We rarely go out because we have 3 children now.  At the end of the day, we are just completely exhausted from work and taking care of kids. I wore my camo drop waist dress which was perfect for fall season. The fabric of my dress is thick and very snug. I love how stretchy this dress, since I like to eat a lot! The Rebecca Minkoff purse was the perfect pair for my dress — lots of inside pockets for my stuff and the beet color compliments the camouflage dress.

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