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       Sunscreen is an everyday must because we need to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  I personally like using natural plant-derived products instead of other brands, who use harsh chemicals that are not good for our health. Applying sunscreen should be a daily routine and not restricted to summer alone — we need to protect our skin in all seasons.

 Moreover, wrinkles and fine lines can be delayed by using sunscreen. Studies shows people below the age of 55 who used sunscreen had 24% lesser chances of developing these aging signs than non-sunscreen and occasional sunscreen users.

Below are my recommended natural sunscreen brands I have used before. Learn their pros and cons, and, if they are a good match on your specific skin-type.

Black Tea Age – Delay Broad Spectrum Sunscreen $70

      The brand Fresh is one of my favorite brand in the market.  All their products work amazing on my skin. I have never gotten any pimples or any type of irritation from using Fresh products. Not only this product protects your skin from the sun, it also delays the skin from aging. However, the only problem is that their skin-care line is pretty pricey.  I noticed it’s getting more and more expensive, every time they have new products in the store. I mean, come on! A sunscreen bottle for $70? I think there are a lot of great products out there that are more affordable and work as good as this SPF face cream. Lastly, Black Tea skin-care system are designed for dry skin. My skin tends to be dry during wintertime and oily during warm seasons. So I only use Black Tea skin-care creams in winter.

peter roth sunscreen1

Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense $42

Now you can’t go wrong with the brand Peter Thomas Roth. This sunscreen cream is so good for you. It has SPF 30 and provides antioxidant vitamins A, C & E and pro vitamin B5. The price is not so bad either. This whole bottle will last for a year or 2.  The cons would be — I find this product thicker than the others. This means the cream leaves white residue on your skin. Although, the white residue dries up right a way, and once it’s dry you can barely see it anymore.

lavanilla spf2

Lavanilla The Healthy Sun Screen Face Cream SPF40

     Yes, this is the “healthy” sunscreen! I love this product. It gives my skin a dewy look, which I’ve always been fond of. When I went to the store ULTA in Hollywood, I walked into the store completely clueless — no idea which sunscreen to pick. Luckily, the salesperson recommended this product. He mentioned, if I like all natural products then the  Lavanilla sunscreen is the one. Just look at the ingredients below!


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Zinc Oxide 5.0%, Titanium Dioxide 7.5% OTHER INGREDIENTS: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice* (aloe, water), Capric caprylic triglycerides (coconut oil), Butyrospermum parkii* (shea butter), Glyceryl stearate, Glycerin, Cetyl alcohol (coconut oil), Jojoba oil*, Ethyl hexyl palmitate (palm oil), Morinda citrifolia (noni juice), Calendula officinalis (calendula) flower extract*, Polyglyceryl-3 stearate (vegetable glycerin/palm oil), Alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), Allantoin (vegetable), Sodium PCA (amino acid), Hyaluronic acid, Phenethyl alcohol & Ethyl hexyl glycerin (plant-based preservatives), Vanilla planifolia (vanilla) extract*, Green tea extract. *Certified Organic

This product is perfect for all skin types. It’s very sheer and oily. I like my face to look as moist as possible. So if you do not like any shine on your face, this is not the product for you.

Below is the Lavanilla sunscreen SPF 30 sport luxe. This product has the same ingredients as the Lavanilla The Healthy Sun Screen Face Cream SPF40 , only this one is particularly used for the face and body. Perfect for people, who play a lot of sports.

lavanilla spf1

Lavanilla The Healthy Sunscreen Sport Luxe SPF 30  – face and body cream $22

Ultimately, when it comes to sunscreen, the best way is to try them out. Everybody’s skin reacts differently to all skin-care products. It’s also good to ask samples from the salesperson from the store. This way you can test out products, if they work on your specific skin-type or not.




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xoxo, Arianne

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