how to make a perfect ballerina bun

pic 4a.jpg

  1. Start by creating a pony tail. I prefer using scunci because it has better grip and doesn’t pull hair like rubber-band does.
  2. Apply gel to make hair smooth.

sock 1a3. Use this a black mesh chignon to create a full looking bun.


4. You can roll the chignon from the bottom all the way up to the roots your hair. You can also place the chignon on top of your pony tail then tuck all hair inside the chignon.

pic 13a.jpg

pic 10a.jpg

5. Use bobby pins to secure bun from falling and catch stray hair.


pic 8a.jpg

6. Use hairspray all over to keep hair smooth. Make sure to cover eyes while spraying!

pic 2a

pic 1a

pic4a.jpgand tada… Perfection!


*In collaboration with Sally Beauty






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