LED lights for beginners

   LED lights are becoming popular very fast. Why? They’re affordable, low heat, low power and they make you look good!

    It’s very hard to find good deals and to know which products are the best out there. You will need to do an enormous amount of research and will have to the plunge into committing to purchasing a product you haven’t tried before.

     After spending days and hours of trying to find LED light on the internet, I landed on the StudioPRO S-600BN Dimmable LED Bi Color Light Panel. This is under $500 for 2 LED lights, which comes with the stands and a carrying case.

What sold me on this product? It’s dimmable and it’s bi color — being able to dim in and out your lights will make your video or photography look a lot better compare to lights that you can’t dim at all. You don’t want harsh bright spots on your subject. Moreover, this is “Bi color,” meaning you can use this as tungsten and daylight, whichever you want.

StudioPRO (Set of 2) S-600BN Dimmable 600 Bright LED Photography Continuous Bi Color Light Panel & Light Stand Kit with Carrying Case & Barndoor – Photo, Video & Film Production Studio Essentials
I will be uploading a video of me using these lights in my YouTube channel, so you can see the big difference of how much of a better quality it adds to my videos. You can purchase this product by clicking the link above.

YouTube Channel

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