What is it like to be married?

      Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and I don’t have anything planned for us to do. Should we go out for dinner? Should we go watch a movie? Or maybe a surprise party? But, my guess would be we’ll be staying in with the family.

       My husband and I have been together for almost a decade now. I’m starting to forget dates and numbers I’m suppose to remember. But, when we were dating, every time it was his birthday, I use to give him something special — an expensive gift, Cirque du Soleil tickets or a fancy dinner. Am I too lazy to make an effort now or time starts blurring away the thrill and excitement I use to feel?

        One of women’s goals is to get married. This is in fact their biggest goal in life. Yes, we want to have the best career as much as possible. But, finding a man to marry and to have kids with is part of our dreams, ever since we were little. Our biggest nightmare is to be all alone, childless with 20 cats in an old house with a smelly carpet. Unfortunately, the man of your dreams doesn’t magically appear in the most romantic scene knocking on your door and falls in love with you at first sight. It took me a long time to find my husband. And our story is nothing like the movies at all.

        The reason I was not able to prepare something special for Paul’s birthday is we all ended up catching the flu. Started with the kids then to Paul then last one was me. It was beyond terrible and disgusting — vomit and diarrhea on every inch of our place. It was so far the worst days of our lives! Good thing my husband took care of us. He bought groceries, cooked food, clean the house, took care of the laundry — he handled everything.

       What’s it like to be married? Marriage is being with someone, who is there for you even when you are sick and disgusting. Your used-to-be boyfriend is now family — a person, who genuinely cares for your well being for the rest of your life.


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