Earth and Family

         Lake Balboa Park is a wonderful park, perfect for families to camp out for the day. Some amenities include; barbecue grills, playground for kids, biking and hiking trails and one huge lake, where you can go fishing and paddle boats. Where else would you rather be on a perfect Earth-day in Los Angeles?

         As I was taking pictures of my parents, a flash back of my mother and I during the time we were living in the Philippines came back to me.  It was a memory of my mother arguing with our next-door neighbor. She had long straight black hair all the way down to her lower back. Facing the door while yelling at our neighbor. I don’t recall the reason, why they were fighting. But, suddenly it hit me — Life is truly short. She was a strong-minded woman, who fought very hard to keep her family together. Full time school teacher, raising three girls while my father was away working in a different country.  Hard-work, perseverance, sacrifices and pure love are the right words to describe my parent’s attitude in life. And now, they are sitting in a park, taking photographs with their four adorable grand-kids, living in Los Angeles.

            Earth is like a family. It’s the foundation of life — it provides life, shelter, food and ever-lasting reason for us to live.  Hence, there’s no end to what our planet can offer. As much as we need to care for each-other, we need to watch over our planet too. For the reason that, it’s unlikely going to be there forever, same as your family.