Egg Hunt

 It’s that time of year again, when little kids hunt for Easter eggs. The Davis family decided to celebrate Easter at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. This place has always been one of my favorite gardens to visit. When there’s a special occasion, Moms  have to plan for everything. What clothes are the kids going to wear? Where is the best place to celebrate the occasion? Most mothers are really good at planning ahead. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

peacock solo.jpg

  It was tough for my husband and I to get up this morning. I was not able to get a good night’s sleep because my baby was awake numerous times throughout the night. Paul was out networking as well and he wasn’t in good spirits either. When you have three kids, it takes time to get everybody ready and out the door. There is chaos everywhere, outfits are not ready and mommy has no time to shower. If only I planned ahead and packed everything the night before, then we wouldn’t have been so late for the hunt.

Jackie and Clo

piepie basket1

Finally we arrived at the event! It was a hot summer day in the Arboretum Garden. I must say, I’ve been to nicer Easter Egg Hunts with music, dancing and plenty of treats. There is nothing more disappointing to a kid than empty Easter eggs. But, over all  they still had a great time.


peacock and tree.jpg

What is it with nature that is so relaxing? Is it the feeling of being away from reality, people, noise, cars and pollution? Or simply, it’s just nice to be “away from chaos.” Arboretum garden or any garden is my way of finding peace, at least for a split second…

Scarlett sad.jpg

Scarlett Carmina Davis was born in the “year of the Dragon” and her name means red in French. Her emotional Red Dragon spirit is deep inside her core being — ready to blast everyone around her with fire and brimstone. I’ve always wondered how kids decide when to be difficult and when to be nice? Today Scarlett clearly wanted to be argumentative. Kids have this crazy need to demand everything immediately. If they don’t get their way, they will make your day miserable! Scarlett definitely creates drama but she is also alot of fun to be around. paul and peacock1.jpgmommy.jpgI learned some valuable lessons today; First – always be prepared or else disaster will strike. Second – if everyone is not having a good time, move on to the next place. A new location can sometimes lighten everyone’s mood. Lastly – keep calm! Kids follow their parent’s. If they see you handling things in a stressed out and bad manner, they will reciprocate.

It’s time now to leave paradise and I am looking forward to volunteering here soon to learn more about gardening at this marvelous place in the sun.